Flowers... Sustainable for 100 million years and counting!

Angelica brings the warm essence of nature to galleries, installations, corporate and retail environments. Sculptural arrangements elevate client identities in fresh,
surprising ways – perfect color matches, soaring sightlines and graceful forms. Experience on site becomes heightened and inviting for clients and guests.

We also sell orchids, succulents, and a variety of seasonal plants.

Who We Are

Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to help create the most magical experience at your next event or just want to browse for the most beautiful flower arrangement, we have everything you need, with years of experience and the trust of the biggest brands in the country.

Why Choose Us ?


Custom made arrangements


Compact, clean, elegant style


Wide variety of flowers


We use no fillers or greenery

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“Simple. Delicate. Beautiful. Those three graceful words are just a few that first come to mind when I think of the word flowers.”

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